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Useful Links

Year 7 Websites

William the Conqueror:

The Battle of Hastings:

The Bayeux tapestry:

The Norman conquest:

The Tudors:

Elizabeth I:


Year 8 websites

Race relations in the US:  African American Odyssey:

                                             The Terrible Transformation:

British Empire:  History of the British Empire:



Year 9 websites                                             

General information: The Royal British Legion:

                                       The Legion and Remembrance:

                                       Imperial War Museum:

General History Websites:   The History Channel:

                                                 History Today:

                                                 BBC Education:

                                                 History Central:


First World War:     Ypres:

                                 Western Front:


                                 Trenches on the web:


Second World War:  Anne Frank:




                                    The Battle of Britain:

                                   Second World War Chronology:

Russia:   Stalin:

               The Gulag: