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The School's Homework Policy

All homework is set through the Firefly learning platform:, which is managed by the Computing and Home-Learning Subject Leader. Logon details for each pupil are shared when they join the school and allow access to resources that are personalised to the individual. Within the platform, homework is set as a time-limited task in a standardised format, (see our Teaching and Learning Policy below for an example). It is differentiated to provide the appropriate level of challenge. Training is provided for all staff to access the system and offered to all parents/carers and pupils to ensure there are no barriers to pupils completing their homework.

The purpose of homework is:

  • To consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding, extend school learning, encourage pupils to devote time to particular demands.
  • To encourage pupils to develop confidence and self-discipline.
  • To provide opportunities for practicing life skills.
  • To encourage pupils to manage their own time and develop their independence.
  • To prepare pupils for the demands of GCSEs, BTECs, NCFE and Entry Level Qualifications.
  • To foster a partnership between home and school and encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s learning.
  • To enable parents to be involved and informed about the type of work being undertaken in class.

Homework can be used for:

  • Reinforcing of class work.
  • Researching topics and investigations.
  • Preparation for class work.
  • Reviewing, redrafting or summarising a piece of work.
  • Learning key vocabulary.
  • Revising for tests.
  • Supporting KS4 coursework.
  • Extension tasks and projects.

All homework should:

  • Be fully explained by staff and clear to pupils.
  • Be given appropriate lesson time to ensure understanding, e.g. not be set in the last few minutes of the lesson.
  • Be recorded in pupil planners, with a deadline and any instructions that may be relevant.
  • Be set in Firefly with an appropriate timeframe for completion, e.g. 1 week.
  • Be titled clearly, using Subject and Topic information.
  • Be set in a predictable manner to enable pupils to plan their homework pattern.
  • Be formatted in a familiar/standardised manner throughout, including use of the school’s colour schemes and shared Firefly templates.
  • Be written using the school’s standardised terminology, e.g. All, Most and Some, with language that is dyslexia friendly and accessible to all.
  • Cover a range of activities and skills.
  • Be manageable for pupils at all levels. Where an individual pupil requires more personalised/differentiated homework, this should be provided individually.
  • Be accessible, (and easily understood) for the benefit of all staff who support through Homework Club.

Frequency and duration of homework:

  • All core and foundation subjects should set at least one piece of homework a week.
  • There is some flexibility for larger projects that are designed to be completed over a number of weeks.
  • In general, tasks should take approximately 15 minutes for a pupil to complete, rising to 30+ minutes for GCSE tasks in KS4.
  • KS3 pupils are expected to read at home at least 3 times a week.
  • KS4 pupils are expected to review and revise content on recommended websites for exams and qualifications regularly as part of their homework schedule.
  • KS3 and KS4 pupils will have the opportunity to participate in home-school partnership activities, such as Mathletics and Spellodrome.