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The impact of ADHD on learning and strategies to support pupils in the classroom


This course is designed to enable us as education practitioners to support children with ADHD in the school environment; making friendships, communication skills, organisation, learning strategies and interactions with others. This course will include:

  • Identification of ADHD and its effect on mental health
  • Discussion of interventions and strategies
  • Social impact of ADHD on building friendships and communication
  • Relationship to behavioural difficulties such as aggression or noncompliance  
  • Practical strategies of support

A number of different strategies and examples will be provided so staff can take examples back to school to be put into practice. 

Please contact us to discuss the following further:

  • Date
  • Cost 
  • Location 
  • Timings (3 hours)
  • Target Audience (Teachers, SENDCOs, learning support staff)

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