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Homework and Firefly

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the school has made the decision to switch all homework and remote learning to our Firefly learning platform. We are very pleased to hear pupils and parents reporting a significnant improvement in independence and work completed at home.

Benefits of using Firefly include:

  • Personalised tasks (pupils only see what is set specifically for them),
  • Personalised feedback from staff (where this is required),
  • Work completed within Firefly, rather than downloading/printing/sending via post,
  • Opportunities to work with any technology, including an app for smart phones,
  • Secure access to homework and Live Learning (video link),
  • Helping the school to understand the number of pupils accessing learning and completing tasks.

To access Firefly and start completing homework, go to: and enter your username and password. If you need your username and password resent to you, please email 

You can also download the app by clicking here:

The school's code which you will need for the app is: WOODLANE
You will also need the username and password to be able to access the app.


E-Safety and School Closure:

While pupils are at home, it is likely they are using the internet and connecting via social media more than ever before. We would encourage all pupils to view the resources on E-Safety at the bottom of this page. You will find 3 tasks and a resource to support pupils in learning about E-Safety. Pupils would also benefit from looking at the following website: 

As with all safeguarding elements, we would encourage parents and pupils to contact the school for help or to report anything that you are concerned about. 


Homework and School Closure:

A huge well done to pupils completing homework tasks during closure, we are so impressed!

Please note, there is no pressure from the school to complete each and every task set by teachers.  We understand that each child and their parent/carer will have their own very unique set of circumstances at this challenging time.  Therefore, we offer the following advice:

  • Tasks are currently set, where possible, in line with pupil timetables, please refer to your child’s timetable in their diaries.
  • Tasks are usually set on Firefly by 10.30 each morning.
  • Tasks are differentiated, therefore, you and/or your child can select the task most appropriate to their ability.
  • We appreciate that all families will have different personal circumstances at this time, therefore these tasks are not a requirement and are available if/when you may need them. 
  • Encourage your child to complete at least some of the set tasks on a daily basis.
  • Encourage your child to complete a range of activities and subject areas.
  • Where possible, set a routine for your child, including homework and leisure time.
  • Praise your child for completion of each task. 

We must also advise that due to the length of closure we will unfortunately, be unable to mark all tasks completed.  We therefore ask that pupils select the 10 pieces they are most proud of to be marked and rewarded for on their return.

We thank you very much for your hard work as parents/carers to support your child with their learning during closure.  We understand how challenging this may be.

Please contact us if you require any support or guidance.