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Self-Evaluation and School Improvement (2023-2024)

Woodlane High School's Self-Evaluation and School Improvement Plan can be downloaded below. 

Headline Priorities 2023/2024 are as follows:

  • Further raise progress and outcomes in Science to ensure they meet the school's 'outstanding' threshold.
  • Ensure reading practices are high profile, promoting our 'love to read' agenda.
  • Reduce 10 highest office referred pupils' behaviour incidents, reducing their office referrals by at least 25% (this will also support the reduction of behaviour incidents of pupils in receipt of pupil premium).
  • Ensure the RE (+ Geography) curriculum is board, balanced and offers challenge.  
  • Ensure the Woodlane staff team is strong, with complimentary skills.  

See School Improvement Plan 2023-2024