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Self-Evaluation and School Improvement (2020-2021)

Woodlane High School's Self-Evaluation and School Improvement Plan can be downloaded below. 

Headline Priorities 2020/21 are as follows:

1. Ensure the school can operate under the increased pressures of Covid-19, including.

  • Opening safely to all pupils.
  • Providing outstanding teaching and learning within the school.
  • Providing outstanding provision for those pupils unable to attend the school.
  • Ensuring all pupils have the opportunity to catch up.

2. Further develop the school’s use of technology.

3. Align/integrate MMH pupils with the main school.

4. Maintain strong mental health and well-being support for staff and pupils.   

Download our full SEF/SIP for this year below - in it's March (Mid Year) update.

For information regarding the school's self-evaluation and improvement plan from previous years, including our evaluation for 2019/20, please download the document below.