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School Work During Lockdown

Please see our Remote Learning curriculum page for more information on our formalised expectations.

During the current lockdown (Jan/Feb) there is an expectation that all pupils will join the live learning sessions they are timetabled for, in addition to completing Firefly tasks.

Where your child cannot do this independently, or you cannot provide the support needed, please get in touch with school. Equally, if you are having challenges engaging your child in learning, we will do what we can to support this. This may be through planning, reward structures, bespoke learning resources, targeted live lessons and 1:1 remote support. Areas we will continue to rollout over the coming weeks.

Please ensure you view the homework section of the website to gain access to Firefly.

Structure of Live Learning:

  • Every pupil will have 2-3 live learning sessions per day.  All pupils are expected to attend their timetabled sessions.
  • The weekly timetable will be shared on Fridays. It will be accessible through Firefly but a prompt will be sent by email.
  • Some sessions are for every pupil, other sessions are for a specific class and this is stated on the timetable.
  • Sessions take place at 9am, 11am and 1.30pm.
  • Assemblies will take place at 9am on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday as usual, and are followed by a whole school session. 


  • Pupils should be actively learning for 5 hours per day as far as this is possible.
  • This will be a combination of live lessons and Firefly tasks.
  • Pupils should be up and ready for live learning at 9am as a routine will make a big difference to pupil’s ability to learn, and support their wellbeing at this difficult time.
  • When not attending live learning, pupils should complete tasks uploaded to Firefly. Work will be continually added.


  • All sessions will be staffed by teachers and TAs that pupils will know well.
  • Most sessions on the timetable are self-explanatory. If unsure about something, pupils should join the session and ask staff on arrival.
  • Pupils have some timetabled remote social time with their friends to help them remain connected as a class. ‘Keeping up with the Klass’ sessions will have structure to help pupils practice social skills and engage with their peers.
  • Every Monday at 1pm, school will host a ‘Parent Support Session’ where you are invited to drop in and ask questions/find support for live learning, software, technology etc. Pupils may also come along and share work they have been doing/ask their own questions.