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School Closure Contact

During this period of closure, the school will undertake the following actions to ensure parents/carers and pupils remain in contact with the school:


Phone Calls:

All pupils will receive weekly phone calls from their class tutor. These calls will be made to the primary contact, or secondary contacts if more appropriate. They will be from a withheld number as teachers are now working from home. Please look out for these calls on a Wednesday during this period of closure.

Additional phone calls will also take place for some pupils, in particular those with a child protection plan. See our Safeguard and Child Protection during School Closure section.

The Senior Management Team may call parents/carers directly to discuss pupil specific information.


Text Message Alerts:

The school has set up a text message alert service. Each pupil’s primary contacts have been added to the service to ensure that information can be passed more easily from the school to you.

This service will be used occasionally and proportionately to ensure important information reaches you as quickly as possible.

If you wish to opt out of this service, please contact: On our return to school, a more formal opt in procedure will take place.

The text message service is operated by e4education, the same company who host the school website. To read their privacy policy, please click  here.


Email Alerts:

Similiar to the text message system, the school will send regular updates regarding the school's response to Covid-19 and anything that may affect your child. These emails will be sent more widely, to primary and secondary contacts.

These email alerts are also operated through ededucation..  You can opt out in the same way as described above.


General Emails:

The school email address remains in operation and should be your main form of contact for most questions and queries.

The Senior Management Team may email parents/carers directly to discuss pupil specific information.


General Information:

If you wish to pass general information on to the school, you can also call and leave a message on the school answerphone. This will be checked daily, but shouldn't be used for emergency communication.


It is extremely important that your contact details are up to date. Please contact the school to check or change the contact details we store on file.