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Safeguarding and Child Protection

Safeguarding and Child Protection Arrangements during School Closure

Please see the latest update to our Annex to our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy attached at the bottom of this page. This document is being reviewed weekly during closure.


During school closure the following actions will take place:


  • Pupils were reminded of who to contact if they felt they were at risk or immediate danger in a tutor session, at the end of the school day before closure.
  • In efforts to ensure pupils have access to curriculum material and are positively engaged throughout periods of closure, we will be posting daily homework tasks on the school website  Details are as follows:
  1. We ask that all pupils complete the set tasks each day. 
  2. Tasks will be posted before 10.30 each day, during term time.
  3. Tasks will remain on the website for two days, they will then be removed to make way for the next task.
  4. Tasks will be differentiated to enable the parent or child to select the most appropriate level.
  • A newsfeed regarding access to the foodbank has been sent on the school website, inviting parents in need of support to contact the foodbank directly or contact us for support.
  • The school answerphone message indicates that the school is closed, stating that senior managers can be contacted on Remote access to answerphone is set up to retrieve messages.  The SBM will check messages.    
  • Tutors will call parents/pupils in their tutor group once weekly on a Wednesday.  Tutors will record brief notes and send to RM and CM on the same day.  RM and CM will follow up where required.  Staff must ensure they call on a withheld number, leave a message and call back if necessary. 
  • This document will be sent in a newsfeed so ensure parents know what to expect.


Support for pupils on a Child Protection/Child in Need/Early Help Plan

  • Social workers have all been informed of closure.
  • Twice weekly calls (Monday and Thursday) by RM/CM, who must speak with the pupil directly.  RM/CM must ensure they call on a withheld number.  Brief notes made.
  • Reminders given regarding foodbank if required and vouchers offered. 
  • Liaise with social workers as required based on feedback.  If an emergency report to duty line as per usual practice.
  • RM to attend planned review meetings, unless otherwise directed, video conferencing used if required.
  • Continue to use the school CP reporting system. 


We will review school closure on a weekly basis and report to parents via the school website, based on the following:

  • Government guidance.
  • Any reported (suspected/confirmed) cases of Covid-19 from pupils, staff and their families.
  • Consultation with the Chair of Governors. 
  • LA guidance.
  • The risk to pupils and staff etc.