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Welcome to the pupil pages of the website

To find out more information, remind yourself of this week’s homework or view which clubs are on, click the links to the left. 

You also have the opportunity to comment on blog entries.  Should you wish to start your own blog please discuss it with Miss Maynard providing a title and description for your entry.

What do you think of the new website?  Please let us know below.

  • Anastacia 1 year ago
    This school is amazing, they help me so much to think. They help me learn so much. I like Pandora and Otis. The website is great and amazing.
  • chenai 1 year ago
    i like the images of subjects and i really like the new playground.
  • TAFARI 1 year ago
    good school
  • Farida 1 year ago
    i like the school website because it is interesting to go through the pictures, some of them are fun to look at.
  • bl 1 year ago
    The website tells you more about the school
  • Dylan 1 year ago
    I really like the school website, because it has lots of good pictures of my friends and different class mates. I like the new playground because i get to play with my friends, And the school.
  • Jessica 1 year ago
    i like the new school website because there are new and different pictures that all the students here love.The most loving picture is when me and my friends are laughing and having such a great time together.
  • JamesTheBusMan 1 year ago
    Hello This is JamesTheBusMan. I have recently just been driving my bus the 72 To Hammersmith Bridge when Miss Maynard released the new school website. I am over the moon about the NEW school website! I also love the Lessons Computing with Miss Islam especially. My favourite lessons are PSCHE Maths and English Hopefully you keep this up! From JamesTheBusMan
  • Rose 1 year ago
    LIKE this school because the teacher help me with my work so funny school
  • Diwan 1 year ago
    I have passed through all the class years and I have missed all the pupils ,students , my best friends MO and Jaspreet finally The therapy dogs Pandora and Otis even the staff at wood lane. I appreciate all the staffs hard work to support us with our difficulties it will eventually help us in the future to become successful adults . I'm hoping t o go to college, university after get 100 percent in my entry levels and other practical important exams example all my subject mock exams
  • Diwan 1 year ago
    I've enjoyed my lessons and receiving merits and playing cricket. I'm happy that now I am following the protocol of wearing a Prefect badge. I will miss the students, staff and the therapy dogs. Now the students are really kind and helpful to me, this year. I really enjoyed my time at school and hoping that I will go to college and University. I'm so happy and I appreciate this school for their hard work.
  • Sonny 1 year ago
    Woodlane is a good school and has good students and teachers
  • billy 1 year ago
    woodlane is a good school and has very friendly teachers and ta's
  • hamida 1 year ago
    when you find it difficult to be in class, you can go to the office to self regulate. You get an understanding about how you feel and get ready to go back to class more calmer.
  • Asia 1 year ago
    woodlane is a good school, All the teachers and the TA are supports, caring, lovely
  • buthaynah 1 year ago
    I like this school and friends I get loads of help
  • tom R 1 year ago
    is a good school to learn at and is a good environment to play and learn and make friends and the TAs and teachers help us and we have a new playground and is a big transformation from the old playground to the new one. wood lane high school is the best in the UK for different needs
  • Mikey 1 year ago
    I think the school is good at supporting students with special needs like me, it's like a loving family here.
  • Kasper 1 year ago
    I like the school website because it shows news about the school and gives you information about the new school playground. I like the pictures used on the website. The TA. helps support me in class.
  • Damian 1 year ago
    This school is really good and the teachers and TAs helped me get out of my bad habit of not going school or walking out of school and when miss Maynard came to my old high school I said I will go for one day and now I'm in the school for good... well almost been here for about 4 years but I have to say the first year here was not the best for me but I slowly got better and now I'm helping other people instead of them helping me. I do have to say this school changed my life for good but in a good way and I hope more people come to this school and see for them self how good of a place this is even though the first couple of days might be bad or upsetting but don't give up on the school and the school won't give up on you. I changed for the better and I know you can too, never give up and you will get where you want to go in life!!
  • Shannon 1 year ago
    I like school I like everything at school I have nice Friends at school.
  • musa 1 year ago
    I enjoy learning at this school and my TA helps me in class
  • Ireland boys productions 1 year ago
    I love the new website because it nice and amazing seeing the pictures my friends and it cool may the force being with us and no one ever really gone. Ye ye
  • Tyler 1 year ago
    I love the new playground because of the gym and the football pitch. So now I get to play football and basketball game my favourite teacher is Richard the art teacher and Gabby and l love my friends Dylan and Jessica and byansi and Harry and chenia and Evie and tafari until next time ye ye
  • Raf 1 year ago
    I think this school shows a lot of independence,and I am glad I have the support I need
  • Diwan 1 year ago
    I get a lot of merits in science
  • Christopher Omoruyi 1 year ago
    I like the brand-new Woodlane High website. - Christopher
  • Tyler Anthony 6 months ago
    This is good with people.e that have special needs teachers are nice pupils are nice as well playground cool

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