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Playtime Provision

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Intent – What is Woodlane aiming to achieve through its Playtime Provision?

  • To build self-esteem and confidence in Woodlane pupils.
  • To develop pupils’ personal, social and emotional development.
  • To develop and encourage pupils’ creativity and curiosity.
  • To encourage collaboration and teamwork.
  • To develop resilience and self-determination.
  • To support positive play behaviours.
  • To ensure that all pupils are provided with opportunities to play and interact.
  • To teach and reinforce positive social interaction skills.
  • To develop literacy skills through interactions, imaginative play and storytelling.
  • To develop numeracy skills through problem-solving, construction activities, games and through interactions and use of language.
  • To provide choice that allows pupils to express their own interests.
  • To allow a balance of structured and less structured playtimes.

Implementation – How is the Woodlane Playtime Provision delivered?

Curriculum Delivery

  • The Playtime Provision is delivered every lunchtime and is overseen by the TA teacher leader who takes overall responsibility for planning and implementation with the support of the TA team.
  • High quality adult interactions are at the heart of Woodlane’s Playtime Provision.
  • We have a high staff: child ratio to support these high quality interactions and to demonstrate positive play behaviours.
  • Planning is responsive to pupils needs and interests.
  • Activities offer different levels of challenge and adult interactions successfully support challenge for all pupils.
  • Activities are refreshed regularly to maintain interest and curiosity.
  • All staff are involved in planning and understand the rationale behind the Playtime Provision.
  • Staff allocated zoned areas of the playground:

Creative (small scale art, storytelling, smallworld, music and performance)

Messy play (water, mud kitchen, large scale art)

Construction (Den building, small scale and large scale construction with a variety of mediums including wooden blocks, planks, crates)

Basketball (Shot practice and team games)

Cage (Monday, Wednesday – Football, Tuesday - Parachute games, Thursday and Friday team games (rotated on a half-termly basis))

Gym area (Outdoor gym equipment offering opportunities for lower and upper body exercise)

Games area (snakes and ladders, connect 4, chess, draughts or open-ended pupil choice)

Impact – What difference is the Woodlane Playtime Provision making on pupils?

  • Pupils will be able to apply the skills learnt during the Playtime provision during less structured but still highly supervised times, for example during morning break and before school.
  • Pupils will develop positive relationships with peers and adults.
  • Pupils will develop their social and communication skills to enable them to develop friendships.
  • There will be a reduction in behaviour referrals at playtimes (as per our School Development Plan).
  • Pupils look forward to playtime and feel they are involved in the development of the Woodland Playtime Provision.
  • Pupils will develop their imaginative and expressive play to allow them to explore the world around them.

* Please see our annual SEF/SIP for further details.