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Woodlane High School

achieving success in a nurturing environment

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The Physical Education department at Woodlane High School is committed to promoting the health and well-being of pupils and staff in a positive and supportive environment. Physical Education is used to encourage pupils to live more healthy and active lives. Pupils experience and take part in a wide range of challenging sporting activities. Pupils are encouraged to attend lunchtime and after school sports clubs. Woodlane pupils have the opportunity to compete in a variety of sports against other schools in the area. At Woodlane Physical Education is viewed as a holistic subject which encompasses the emotional, social and physical well-being of the pupils.

Physical Education Aims:

  • To promote and maintain physical activity and healthy lifestyle within and outside the curriculum.
  • To develop a positive attitude and confidence to get involved.
  • To promote enjoyment and commitment to PE and school sport.
  • To promote in pupils the desire to improve, achieve, gain resilience and perseverance.
  • To teach children skills and control of their body.
  • To develop pupils leadership and decision making skills. 
  • To provide a minimum 2 hours of high quality PE/sport each week. 

Key Stage 3:

The KS3 Physical Education programme aims to cover a wide variety of skills and is effectively implemented by a specialist PE teacher and external professionals.   In Years 7, 8, 9 pupils build on their fine and gross motor skills they have acquired over the Key Stage and are encouraged to evaluate their own learning and extend their understanding of a broad range of activities, such as fitness and health, swimming, basketball, hockey, volleyball, tennis, athletics and outdoor education.  At the end of Year 9 pupils are given an opportunity to further develop their confidence, teamwork and leadership skills on a 3 day residential. 

Key Stage 4:

Physical education strives to give all students the best opportunity to achieve their full potential.

In Year 10 pupils begin a 2 year course of study to gain a BTEC qualification, giving pupils an opportunity to gain a national qualification.  Topics covered such as, planning and implementing their own personal exercise programme and planning activities for younger pupils, further develop pupils independent learning, organisational and leadership skills.