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Accessibility Settings

Medical and Mental Health Provision

Following a journey of intensive support for pupils and parents, led by our Lead Practitioner, our Medical and Mental Health provision is now a fully integrated model.  As with each and every pupil in the school we provide high quality teaching and learning in a safe, nurturing environment which minimises the impact of pupils' medical conditions, develops their potential and prepares them for future achievement in mainstream/special education or training.   

Our mission statement is based on the reference from the Guidance, ‘Access to Education for Children and Young People with Medical Needs’:

“All pupils should continue to have access to as much education as their medical condition allows, so they are able to maintain the momentum of their education and keep up with their studies.”

All pupils have access to a full curriculum taught by specialist teachers.  However, timetables are adapted as required for the pupil’s individual medical or mental health condition or needs.

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