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Woodlane High School

achieving success in a nurturing environment

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Let's hear from the Year 7s...

Our current Year 7 pupils were asked to express their feelings about Woodlane, provide their Year 6-7 transition experiences and detail anything they believe would be of interest to you about Woodlane. They made the following comments:

  • Omar 1 year ago
    Hi mr Morgon hi miss Maynard can u show us more photos of Otis and pandora it's a real treat to have dog therapy 🐺🐯 , see you on EASTER when it finshed,
  • Josh 2 years ago
    HI Ms Maynard I wanted to say I feel really happy and safe in this school and I feel very ecited to be here today .thank you for all your helping me. (.
  • Omar 2 years ago
    Hi miss meynard how are you doing I would like to say woodlane is an amazing school but there is a lot of year that I can be at Wood Lane so I would like to say I will enjoy my years at Wood Lane so thanks a lot many thanks Omar ps thank for your deslexic manement so see you tomorrow at jeens day Friday the 22 seconded
  • Omar 2 years ago
    Wood Lane is the best school so far I only been here for about a week or so and I trust all of the teachers and the help team
  • Buthaynah 3 years ago
    I love woodlane high school because I love maths and PSCHE and i like my new friends. I like being in 7KR because it is a nice class.
  • Christina 3 years ago
    I love Woodlane High school because we paint pictures in art and make things. I enjoy DT because we make things like electronic signs and pizza. I also like playing on the computer. I think Woodlane is a good school because it helps me. It is exciting because when we get 10 merits we get a mega and we can exchange it for a prize.
  • HANNAH 3 years ago
    I like Woodlane high school because I get to go to kidzania and I have lots of fun. And my favourite activety is cooking . teachers always help when i need help. When my teachers gave me homework im good at doing my home work. When my teacher happy im proud of myself.
  • jamalf 3 years ago
    I love woodlane high school because you get to do math English Re geography PE science DT computing football tennis and more. My exciting thing in woodlane high school is going kidzania. The TA'S help my with my learing and the other peoples learing.I enjoy playing football with my friends. In DT with miss king we do electronic signs. miss k is are science teacher. miss wieliczko is are RE teacher and are geography teacher.
  • kasper 3 years ago
    I love Woodlane high school because I like free time after I finish my work and sensory room I like Art computing and lunch. I like DT because we make different things like cupcakes and pizza.
  • Christopher 3 years ago
    At the first day at Woodlane I was shy because I was never here before but now I am used to Woodlane because I met a lot of students and staff. I have so many friends at Woodlane. My favourite lesson is Computing because it has fun stuff to do.
  • abdul 3 years ago
    I like Woodlane high school because they are very kind and funny friends. At playtime I play football with my friend and the best things about my friend are they treat everyone the same so that why I think this is the best school to restart your school career. There is no school like this that you can be in. I like the sensory room.
  • matilda 3 years ago
    I like Woodlane high school because they have wonderful adults because they help when you need help with your work and when you are upset with some think . There are people that make me happy. My favourite lesson is computing because you learn about inpup and output . On Wednesday you have film club.
  • Ella 3 years ago
    I like playing in the playground and I like playing basketball with Teachers and students. I also like painting lovely pictures in Art which is one of my favourite lessons at Woodlane. At Woodlane I like sharing things with my friends and being kind and nice to everyone in the school. We get to learn new things and new subjects like Science, History, Psche, English, Dt, Maths, Re, Geography, Art.
  • omar 3 years ago
    I love learning at Woodlane because the staff are very supportive and they are all always there when you need them and my favourite lesson is design technology because you do practical and cooking. I like hanging out with my new best friends the reason I like them is that they are always there for me and they cheer me up when I feel favorite place to be in school is the studio and the computing room.
  • sara 3 years ago
    I was worried at the start but now I like the school because I made lot's of new friends and the teacher's help me read and write.
  • che 3 years ago
    I think woodlane school is the best because you can meet lost of new friend and if we do well and don't have warnings or office we get golden time. golden time means free time, if you behave yourself you get a tick is 5 mines and a bones. when your are good and best work you get a merit, if you get 10 of them you get a mega. a mega mean you got a pound. if you got 3 warnings you go to the office. we got art, English, maths, science, French, PE, psche, literacy, numeracy, computer, drama, RE, geography and test. each morning you got assembly in Monday, Wednesday and Thursday you know, tutor mean you check your diary, merits, target and some got news. in the summer at Thursday you got swimming only year 7BK and 7RR. miss Maynard is the head teacher. the ta will help you. in lunch time and after school you have club is computer club, rugby, football club and music club in Wednesday. I don't want to tell you all. remember do your best
  • Katie 3 years ago
    When I first started wood lane I was worried but I met lot's of friends as soon as I got used to the school. When I was at the school I went to the office a lot but now I have not gone to the office since September. When I was down the office I calm down first and when I calmed down I told the head teacher Miss Maynard what was wrong then I got really use to Miss Maynard I could tell her every thing when I am upset or angry or annoyed. At play time I play football with the teachers and me and some of the girls went to a girls football match we lost but we had a lot of fun I was in goal I got hit but I played on. when I am angry or upset I have some fidgets and I got a box for them and I got a weight jacket to help me to stop moving around and I got a wobble cushion to help me to sit up properly. Hope u make lots of friends in the school.
  • Riyad 3 years ago
    I like free time in school and computing club. My favourite lesson is geography because I learn best in that lesson.
  • Jareth 3 years ago
    Woodlane is a very awesome place and at the beginning I was really nervous and excited. Now I learnt so much and it always puts a smile on my face : )
  • Marvin 3 years ago
    This is a good school because we meet new friends and we like having a good fun lessons. I always get free time if I do all my work.
  • billy 3 years ago
    Woodlane High school is a very friendly and happy school. The students are kind and fun. There are loots of clubs like film club and dance club that you can go to at lunch. Trust me you will love Woodlane.
  • Artuaras 3 years ago
    Here are some things you might want to know about Woodlane High School. 1. Lessons: In a day you have 6 lessons which last 50 minutes. (Except Lesson 1 and double lessons.) 2. Playtime/Lunch Time: Playtime lasts 15 minutes and Lunch Time lasts 1 hour. 3. Clubs: Here at Woodlane we have a variety of clubs which you can participate in, These include; Art club, Film club, Puzzle club, Basketball club, Computing club, Dance club and many, many more. 4. Homework: In Woodlane you receive a regular amount of homework. Usually one sheet a week from each lesson.
  • asia 3 years ago
    Woodlane High school is a good school you will love it. At Woodlane you will meet nice people like teachers and kids. You will meet the head teacher she is nice, kind and lovely.
  • hamida 3 years ago
    I really like Woodlane school. My favourite subject is art because it is really fun. You get to do lots of different activities and trips. This week we start swimming lessons.
  • ben 3 years ago
    I don't personally like school but here it is less stricter than most secondary schools and the teachers will help you if you need it and you don't need to worry.
  • sonny 3 years ago
    It is a very good school everyone is really nice and you can make a lot of friends here also it has a lot of things to do at lunch and break the teachers help you a lot at this school.
  • Sundus 3 years ago
    At the beginning I was worried when I came to Wood lane and I thought that I wont have any friends but now I don't feel worried any more and now I really like this school and I have lots of friends at break time . And I go to jewellery club after school and the teachers at Wood lane are very friendly to me .

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