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Let's hear from the Year 7s...

Our current Year 7 pupils were asked to express their feelings about Woodlane, provide their Year 6-7 transition experiences and detail anything they believe would be of interest to you about Woodlane. They made the following comments:

  • Joel 8 months ago
    Before coming to Woodlane I felt confident and brave because I had a letter that was sent by Miss Hirani and it said don't be nervous. At Woodlane, I have made lots of friends at the classroom. I enjoy the playground and going on the computers. I attended the transition lessons transition mornings. I made origamis with the other pupils. I saw the classrooms and what Woodlane lessons are like. This made me feel more confident and brave.
  • Makeda 8 months ago
    Before coming to Woodlane I was quiet nervous and excited because I wondered how I would fit in but now I have made many friends. And all the teachers and TAs always support me and make me feel welcome .at Woodlane my favourite subject is English and science because I love learning about Greek myths and science because I love doing experiments . I love being at woodlane and I am really happy here.
  • Adrian 8 months ago
    Just before i came to this school (woodlane high school).I was stressed because i never came here. i enjoyed most of the school & what i saw around .i met the therapy dogs , they come outside sometimes at lunch being at woodlane makes me feel happy because i have made lots of friends in my class & even some not in year 7. i enjoyed lessons & i hope i enjoy lessons in the future when i am older . this school has a big playground that comes with a gym area & a football court , sometimes we use the gym for movement breaks we play football in the football court at break times
  • Yusuf 8 months ago
    woodlane has been a good experience for me i have made friends, and the teachers have been teaching fun lesson like the jelly lesson in science. I feel really happy and excited. I attended the induction evening it was good miss hirani told us who was the staf was and what they do. I also attended the transition lesson and transition moning and this helped me to know what the classes are like at woodlane and what to expect.
  • wayna 8 months ago
    Before coming to woodlane I felt sad to leave my primary school but also exited and nervous to start secondary school but now I feel happy and not nervous anymore . At woodlane I enjoy seeing the therapy dogs ( Otis and pandora) and going on the computers and playing games with my friends 😊 . I hove made lots of very kind friends . My furvert lessons at woodlane are art / pe and science. I like art because we do very fun activites and in pe too and in science we do fun experiments . I enjoyed going to the transition lessons because I liked meeting my new teachers and other pupils .
  • Reilly 8 months ago
    At first before coming to woodlane I was nervous but since I settled I made lots of friends then I met the therapy dogs in school they help me to calm down every day I enjoy the activities in the playground my favourite activities are hand ball and football in the cage . At woodlane I enjoyed attending the transition lessons and transition morning . when i attended the induction evening , I loved the teddy bear the bag the water bottle . I enjoyed doing the writing activity in the transition lesson.
  • Cosy 8 months ago
    Before coming to Woodlane, I felt kind of nervous because I was told what woodlane was like. I watched the transition video with my mum and it was reassuring because it seamed like it was a nice school. I attended the transition lessens which were fun and I was with the year 7 pupils. in the induction evening, we were given a teddy bear, a bottle and a comic book in a woodlane bag. the comic book was helpful because it had school expectations and it help me prepper for my first day of school. on the first day of school, I felt exited and nervous because I didn't know my way around the school. everyone is usually worried about making friends but I made lots of friends quickly because everyone is so friendly and kind.
  • Benjy 8 months ago
    Before coming to Woodlane I was excited but concerned. When I came I was fascinated by the therapy dogs and made new friends. I love food and games. Also I like the water activities which are enjoyable also the hand bikes are fun. My favourite subject is Food Tech because I like cooking and the food we make is yummy.
  • Miss Maynard 8 months ago
    Thank you very much for your feedback and kind words. I am delighted you are enjoying your time at Woodlane!

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