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Dear Parents and Carers

Woodlane High School is a place where pupils flourish and achieve. The governors and staff are fully committed to the welfare and progress of all our pupils, within an environment that is safe, welcoming and fun.

In 2019, Woodlane High School was rated by Ofsted as “Outstanding” in every category. This is something parents, staff and carers should be rightly proud of. However, no one in the school is sitting on their laurels. Everyone is fully engaged in maintaining and improving on those high standards.

The commitment of our highly-skilled staff to our pupils has been demonstrated again and again through the COVID-19 pandemic, as they have adapted to new methods and safety regimes to continue to deliver excellent teaching. I know that they are grateful for all the effort of parents and carers to support the learning of pupils at home. Thank you.

As we emerge from what has been a difficult two years as a country, Woodlane High School is in a strong position to move forward into an exciting future. The School’s Five Year Plan has been approved by the leadership team and governors and I encourage you to have a read to find out about the potential opportunities that lie ahead for the school. The heart of this plan, as with everything we do together as a school, is enabling the pupils at Woodlane to grow and succeed.

Woodlane High School has a great leadership team, headed by Headteacher Claire Maynard, who are always ambitious to do things better for the sake of our pupils. They have the full backing of the board of governors.

An outstanding school. A welcoming school. A school ambitious for every pupil. I hope you can agree that this is the sort of school Woodlane is and with your support will continue to be.


Alex Greaves

Chair of Governors