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Woodlane High School

achieving success in a nurturing environment

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Dear Parents and Carers

At Woodlane High School all governors and staff know that the well-being of all our pupils is paramount.

Over the many years that I have served as a governor I have watched generations of pupils develop, as a result of their time at Woodlane, the skills and, most importantly, the confidence that allows them to go out into the world with an education and a belief in themselves and succeed in their work, training or further education. 

Crucial to the future of our pupils is the leadership of the school. Last year brought major changes to the management of Woodlane.  Peter Harwood led the school successfully for many years, presiding over great improvements in performance and the doubling of the school roll.  We all wish Peter well for his retirement.  We now welcome an ambitious new management team led by Headteacher Claire Maynard.  Claire and her team have worked at Woodlane for many years and have a deep understanding of the needs of the pupils.

The new team will continue to work to improve the achievements of every pupil and encourage opportunity through regular attendance.  The staff and management have available the Medical Needs Unit, an Educational Psychologist together with an Occupational Therapist and a Speech and Language Therapist.

As well as changes to school management there are also changes to the governance structure.  Liz St Clair-Legg has stepped down as our Chair of Governors and I am delighted to have been elected as her successor.  I would like to express on behalf of the governors and the school our thanks to Liz for her enormous commitment and hard work.

So my job, working with Claire Maynard, the management team and governors is, firstly, to achieve a judgement from Ofsted that Woodlane is an outstanding school in every way. I believe that we can do this because I know that we all, together with you all, have a passionate commitment to the well-being and achievement of all the pupils at Woodlane High School.

If you are interested in becoming a governor at Woodlane High School, please contact Brigid Simmons.


Guy Vincent
Chair of Governors