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Woodlane High School

achieving success in a nurturing environment

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Features of Outstanding Teaching at Woodlane

The following features, which are used to judge the quality of teaching and learning at Woodlane, were created with the input of staff and pupils:

  • Teaching is multi-sensory (visual, auditory and kinaesthetic), there is a high proportion of visual and kinaesthetic activities.
  • Teaching is differentiated and personalised to the ability and special educational needs of the individual pupil.
  • Teaching is well planned and structured, including a starter, main teaching, task and plenary section, the specific lesson structure is visually recorded on the board.
  • Teaching is dyslexia friendly.
  • Teaching is well resourced, using targeted scaffolded resources and materials.
  • Teaching and support incorporates a variety of verbal and visual SALT strategies, e.g. PGSS, Communicate in Print, mind maps, levelled questioning, thinking time and an appropriate level of teacher talk etc.
  • Staff provide consistent behaviour management, using reward and sanction.
  • Teachers and TAs provide regular verbal and written feedback, as a result they set SMART targets, recap prior learning, regularly check for understanding etc. 
  • Teaching, tasks and activities are stimulating, engaging and exciting.
  • Staff are friendly, interactive and supportive.
  • TAs are directed by teachers and clear on the support they should provide to pupils.
  • The classroom environment is welcoming.