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Woodlane High School

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Design and Technology

The Design and Technology department at Woodlane High School is committed to ensuring pupils develop a greater understanding of safe working practises, health and safety issues and the advantages of working co-operatively. Pupils have access to a wide range of resources and equipment in a safe, inspiring and nurturing environment. Through the successful completion of both design and practical projects which incorporate self-expression, pupils have access to a broad range of analytical, design and practical learning opportunities as well as developing their objective and evaluative skills.

The Design and Technology department develops pupils understanding and appreciation of the materials, which are used to construct the (man-made) world around them and appreciate the differences between industrial products and bespoke items made in a workshop. 

It is our wish that for all pupils to fulfil their potential as designers, innovators and makers through carefully structured projects which seek to promote individuality, self-confidence and a greater degree of independence. 

Design and Technology Aims: 

  • To develop ways for pupils to generate, develop, model and communicate ideas in a range of ways.
  • To develop the planning, shaping, forming and mixing of materials, components and ingredients.
  • To develop pupils use of CAD/CAM to design, develop, assemble and produce finished materials, components or products. 
  • To develop pupils understanding of how to analyse existing products from their: aesthetics through to their manufacturing methods.
  • To promote the studying and appreciation of environmental issues that affect design including the 6R’s and sustainability.
  • To give pupils opportunities to evaluate existing products and the ones they have made.
  • To enable pupils to develop what improvements they could make to existing and their own designs and products.

Key Stage 3:

In KS3, pupils learn how to research, design and make a range of products. They learn how to work safely before they can progress into becoming independent product designers and makers. Pupils are made aware of potential dangers in all practical projects and know the health and safety issues of practical activities, machinery, equipment, materials and substances they use.  

Key Stage 4: 

The course is similar to Resistant Materials with the key difference being the freedom of choice in relation to the materials or media used by the individual pupils. The emphasis of the course is on commercial products and their associated design, manufacturing and marketing requirements.  Pupils conduct individual investigations and are taught about a range of products and processes and the manner, in which they have been developed over time to best suit their purpose.  Pupils then use this knowledge, combined with an understanding of materials and manufacturing processes, to develop their own designing and making capability.

Pupils will study many topic areas within the course and then use the culmination of this knowledge and skills in a single major project, which will make up the coursework element for GCSE. Pupils will develop their skills and produce an in-depth controlled assessment project.  The development of design proposals (including modelling), creating and finishing the 3-dimensional final product. The testing and evaluation of it to complete the controlled assessment. They will also complete a mock and final exam.