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This page contains the school's most up to date information regarding Covid-19.

Please see the risk assessment attached below which details the school's current risk management procedures regarding Covid-19. The risk assessment has been updated following the new national restrictions.

Please also see the most recent letter below.

The following information will continue to apply for all families:

  • If your child is unwell, e.g. showing symptoms of a high temperature, a continuous cough or a change in taste/smell, they must remain at home. You must seek a test for your child as soon as possible. Please call 119 – the NHS Direct Covid-19 line, or contact school for advice on this process. This also applies if anyone in your household has symptoms.
  • If your child appears to have symptoms in school they will be sensitively isolated and their temperature taken/monitored for a short period of time. If symptoms continue and/or temperature is exceeding the normal range, you will be called to collect them immediately.
  • We understand that pupils will get colds at this time and it is often hard to differentiate between these symptoms. We will do our best to ensure if these symptoms do present in your child, we are balanced in our response as we understand the impact that both Covid-19 and self-isolation can and does have on families.
  • If you are asked to self-isolate due to symptoms, or because you have been contacted by Test and Trace, please follow this advice. Contact school immediately and provide as much information as you can.
  • When picking up a child at the end of the day, we require parents to keep the main pathway clear by using the waiting area near the playground. This will enable pupils and staff to leave safely.
  • All staff and pupils who are able, should wear a face covering within communal areas of the school.