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College Link Programme

Each year, Woodlane Year 11 pupils embark on an exciting College Link Programme with William Morris Sixth Form (WMSF). As a high number of pupils transition to WMSF every year, it is great to be able provide an opportunity for Woodlane pupils to get to know the environment and staff to make any future transition considerably easier. For those that do not attend WMSF upon leaving Woodlane, the experience is still hugely beneficial. Pupils experience a larger environment and have the opportunity to practice the skills they will need when they leave at the end of Year 11, e.g. making friends, learning their way around, getting used to different rules/expectations. Woodlane students also benefit from seeing the fantastic progress that Woodlane's ex-pupils, who now attend WMSF, are also making. 

Pupils attend once a week, on a Thursday and study courses that include Creative Art and Business. They are assimilated into WMSF life as much as possible during lunchtimes and before and after classes, although whilst in class they work only with other Woodlane pupils. Support is provided by staff from both the school and WMSF. Where possible, pupils are encouraged to travel independently to and from the sixth-form to create a more realistic post-16 experience and their free time is also independently managed. 

Woodlane would like to thank WMSF for their continued support in running the college link programme.