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At Woodlane High School we believe that regular attendance and punctuality are vital to the success of every pupil. To achieve the maximum attendance and punctuality the school takes a proactive stance. The school will challenge the behaviour of pupils and parents who give low priority to attendance, as this may be detrimental to the Every Child Matters agenda.

Parents are asked to:

  1. Notify the school on the first day of absence, between 8.00 and 9.00 a.m., giving an estimate of the likely length of absence. Early dental and doctor’s appointments (where the child is NOT coming into school first thing) should be notified the day before if possible.
  2. Send a letter, giving an explanation for the absence, on the child’s return to school.
  3. Ensure that pupils are punctual and stress its importance to their child.
The school will reward excellent attendance through various incentives throughout the year.
Please contact Rob Morgan for further information.