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Assessment - Progress

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Woodlane's progression data for the Spring Term 2019/20 became the formal end point for the last academic year. There are many challenges with using this 'partial' data to determine the overall success of the school's curriculum and the following data is incompatible with other year 

Spring Term 2019/20 Headline Results:

  • The school’s assessment practices were updated and refined in the Autumn Term and are now embedded. 
  • 98.41% of expectations were met/exceeded across the whole school, a rise of almost 2% from last term.
  • There is little difference seen between the progress of key groups.


Intent: Woodlane has designed a curriculum that is being successfully implemented through classroom teaching. The school’s curriculum is both responsive to pupil needs and rooted in the core knowledge and skills expected of secondary age pupils. Woodlane sets out to achieve the very best for each pupil, regardless of need, or characteristic.

Implementation: A well-planned curriculum is delivered seamless across all ages, with pupils able to demonstrate that over time they know more and are able to do more. The positive results of this learning can be seen in the standards pupils achieve through their school work, internal and external assessment, as well as their current and future successes. Woodlane High School has 12 Curriculum areas, some containing multiple strands. All elements of the school’s curriculum contribute to each pupil’s cultural capital and none are taught in isolation. Lessons are enhanced through cross-curricular learning, trained specialist support, educational visits, formal qualifications and consistent opportunities to grow personal independence and life skills.

Impact across the Whole School: Woodlane High School is an outstanding school (Ofsted June 19). “All pupils make sustained and substantial progress from their starting points.” The School has analysed the progress of all pupils in all subjects throughout the Spring Term 2019/20 under the new Progression Steps model. The vast majority of pupils’ progress well from their different starting points and achieve or exceed standards expected within the school’s own curriculum. 98.41% of expectations have been met/exceeded by pupils, with 29.35% exceeded.

Further details can be found by downloading the school's Executive Summary below.

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