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Assessment - Progress

Spring Term Progress – Impact Report 2022/23
Executive Summary

This summary assumes the reader has a good understanding of Woodlane’s assessment practices. For more information on this, please visit our Assessment page of the school website. Within the graphs below, impact is demonstrated through a blue star (outstanding progress) and a red flag (working below).

Covid-19: This data set reports pupil progress from the Spring Term 2022/23, where school has been operating normally, (e.g. without closure/significant absence). This has been significantly different to the previous 2 years, therefore reference or comparisons to 2020/21 and 2021/22 must be considered with caution.


Spring Term 2022/23 Headline Results:

  • 99.25% of pupils met and exceeded expectations across all subjects. This is a rise of 0.84% from the Spring Term 2021/22, (year on year) and comfortably over the Outstanding threshold.
  • 42.5% of expectations were exceeded, a 15% increase from the Autumn Term.
  • 9 of the foundation subjects achieved the school’s 97% outstanding threshold for meeting expectations.

*The figures presented under Meeting+ include those pupils who have both met and exceeded expectations.

At the end of the Spring Term, 99.25% of expectations are being met or exceeded. This is a rise of 0.84% year on year and comfortably over the Outstanding threshold. This is a key indication that progress is back to pre-pandemic levels. Over time we see fluctuation in the data, (below) and clearly the school’s upward trajectory was impacted by Covid-19, but work undertaken has recovered this well.

Further details can be found by downloading the school's Executive Summary below.

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