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Assessment - Progress

Summer Term Progress – Impact Report 2021/22

Executive Summary

This summary assumes the reader has a good understanding of Woodlane’s assessment practices. For more information on this, please visit our Assessment page of the school website. Within the graphs in our reports, impact is demonstrated through a blue star (outstanding progress) and a red flag (working below).


Data must be viewed with caution due to impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. This data set reports on progress from the academic year 2021/22. Whilst there has been less disruption, the school are still experiencing Covid-19 related absence from both pupils and staff, and the impact of the 2 previous years remains keenly felt.


Summer Term 2021/22 Headline Results:

  • 98.69% of pupils met and exceeded expectations across all subjects. A further increase of 0.25% from the Spring Term 2020/21 and comfortably over the Outstanding threshold.
  • 54.43% of expectations were exceeded, a 20% rise from Spring.
  • Maths and English are demonstrating outstanding levels of progress.
  • 7 out of the 8 foundation subjects have achieved the School’s threshold for ‘Outstanding.’

*The figures presented under Meeting+ include those pupils who have both met and exceeded expectations.

The percentage of expectations that were met averages above 98% in the Summer Terms from the last 5 years. The only dip seen was in 2020/21 during the height of the pandemic. This Summer Term is very consistent with previous datasets and in particular, the proportion of pupils Meeting+ is back on track. Clearly the school’s upward trajectory was impacted by Covid-19, but work undertaken has recovered this well and the school is very much back on track.

Impact in the Core Subjects:

The combined average for the core subjects is 98.74%, which has risen from the Spring Term by 0.5%. English and Maths achieved the school’s threshold for Outstanding progress, whilst in Science, improvements continue to be made and the figure for meeting expectations surpassed 97%.


Impact in the Foundation Subjects:

The headline data is very positive in the foundation subjects with the overall ‘mean’ figure at 98.65% meeting expectations. The proportion of expectations exceeded grew substantially over the year and all subjects are in a very strong position. Only one subject did not meet the Outstanding threshold of 97%, and this was by a very small percentage. Significant progress has been demonstrated in PSCHE following the re-baselining of the entire cohort, but the proportion of expectations exceeded still lags behind the other subjects.


Impact across Common Groups:

Woodlane analyses the progress of all pupils within common groups (e.g. Gender, SEN, Ethnicity, and PP). 

  • The overall gap in progress between Boys and Girls is small and both groups made outstanding progress.
  • The gap has narrowed between KS3 pupils and their KS4 peers in the core subjects.
  • A small gap exists in both meeting and exceeding for Pupil Premium in the Core Subjects.
  • When comparing the 4 largest Primary SEND in the school, 3 of the 4 are over the 97% meeting threshold with only SLCN missing out – just 0.3% below in exceeding.
  • When looking at Ethnicity, only WBRI did not achieve the outstanding threshold.


Areas for Improvement:

For the next academic year, 2022/23 Woodlane’s key aims are to:

  • Improve the progress of pupils in Science and PSCHE in line with their peers.
  • Ensure Year 9 pupils in Art and DT and pupils with the primary need SLCN make outstanding progress.
  • Ensure gender gaps are closed and WBRI pupils make outstanding progress in the core subjects.
  • Improve the progress of MMH pupils with targeted support for one pupil specifically.
  • Explore the use of target setting for pupils working at P1 on entry.

Further details can be found by downloading the school's Executive Summary below.

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