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Assessment - Procedures

Woodlane uses a number of different procedures to ensure quality robust assessment of pupils at Woodlane. Our Assessment Practices document available below summarises how the school utilises many different methods and approaches to assessment to provide a robust and evidence based assessment system.

Progression Steps (PS) are operated through BSquared – Connecting Steps. Each criteria outlined within Progression Steps is closely aligned to the current national curriculum and appropriate to use with the range of pupils abilities at Woodlane, including our MMH pathway. There are 10 PS, covering P4 - up to old NC 7. The breadth of criteria should ensure that all pupils can achieve within a PS, with appropriately challenging areas for progression.

Each each pupil will have criteria ‘ticked’ within the online Connecting Steps platform to highlight what skills/knowledge they have gained over the course of a term. Staff are encouraged to update Connecting Steps as regularly as they feel is necessary, however the formal data entry point (deadline) is the penultimate week of each term.

Please see the school’s Flight Path (within the AMMR policy or Assessment Practice document below) for a demonstration on how the expected progress and attainment of pupils sits within the school's assessment systems.

At the bottom of this page you will also find a range of documents used within assessment at Woodlane. These include;

  • A summary of the Assessment, Marking, Moderation and Reporting Policy (AMMR).
  • Assessment Practices, which explains the move to Progression Steps in greater detail.

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