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Assessment - Procedures

Woodlane updated its assessment practices in Autumn 2019, moving from the old NC model (P Scales and NC 1-5) to a new Progression Steps model (PS 1-10). The removal of P Scales and the previous removal of NC levels have made it unsuitable to continue to use this terminology and methods of assessment that align to this. Progression Steps (PS) are an updated criteria introduced through BSquared – Connecting Steps. They are more closely aligned to the current national curriculum and should be more appropriate to use with the range of pupils abilities at Woodlane, including our MMH pathway.

There are 10 PS, covering P4 - up to old NC 7. The breadth of criteria should ensure that all pupils can achieve within a PS, with appropriately challenging areas for progression.

Similar to our previous assessment system, each pupil will have criteria ‘ticked’ within the online Connecting Steps platform to highlight what skills/knowledge they have gained over the course of a term. Staff are encouraged to update Connecting Steps as regularly as they feel is necessary, however the formal data entry point (deadline) is the penultimate week of each term.

When comparing the various assessment models/guidance available, the Progression Steps framework sits comfortably alongside the Old NC and P Scales and provides an updated alternative to using this method and terminology.

Although Woodlane is confident that the previous system was suitable and worked well within our environment, and Ofsted (2019) rightly praised our practices, it is important that assessment practices evolve alongside the changing needs of our pupils and the school’s curriculum. Building on our previous successful model, we are able to evolve the school’s practices, without throwing out what works well.

Please see the school’s Flight Path for a demonstration on how the expected progress and attainment of pupils has been slightly adapted to account for the changes in assessment systems.

At the bottom of this page you will also find a range of documents used within assessment at Woodlane. These include;

  • A summary of the Assessment, Marking, Moderation and Reporting Policy (AMMR).
  • Our Flight Path, used to track the progress of pupils and determine expected outcomes from different starting points.
  • Changes to Assessment Practices, which explains these changes in greater detail.

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