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Assessment - Outcomes

Outcomes for Pupils – Impact Report 2021/22

Executive Summary


Woodlane High School is an outstanding school as judged by Ofsted in May 19. “All pupils make sustained and substantial progress from their starting points. Year 11 pupils achieve well...”

Outcomes continue to demonstrate that achievement is outstanding despite the difficult circumstances of the previous 2 years. All qualification grades in 2021/22 were determined via external assessment, reverting to the pre-pandemic model. This was a departure from the Teacher Assessed Grades model that was implemented for 2020 and 2021. The school recognises that grade boundaries, (primarily in GCSEs) were lowered, occasionally further than expected. Other boards also introduced a high level of support materials/adaptations in advance.

Summer 2021/22 Headline Results:

  • The proportion of pupils meeting expectations rose by over 1%, exceeding 97% for the first time.
  • Foundation subjects achieved 100% of pupils meeting expectations with a high proportion exceeding.
  • The percentage of pupils achieving below their expected outcome decreased this year to an all-time low.
  • 100% of pupils met expected outcomes in English, Maths, Art, Computing, DT, Languages, Humanities, & PE.
  • Over 50% of pupils exceeded expected outcomes within 7 out of 9 subjects.

The achievement of Year 11 pupils in all qualification subjects in 2021/22 continues to be outstanding. This is because pupils progress well from their different starting points and achieve or exceed standards expected within the school’s own curriculum and in comparison, with other outstanding SEND schools. Pupils attain relevant qualifications so that they can and do progress to the next stage of their education.

The vast majority of pupils meet and exceed expectations in qualification subjects. The proportion who meet expectations rose year-on-year while the proportion exceeding has fallen slightly but remains very strong. The overall trend over 7 years is substantially up.

Outcomes in the Core Subjects:

This academic year, fluctuations within Science continued and progress was down on the other core subjects. However, outstanding improvements in Maths have balanced this, and achievement is broadly similar to previous years. Science is close to the 80% threshold but this was not paired with a majority of pupils exceeding. English maintained outstanding results of 100% meeting.

Historically, pupils who take a GCSE at Woodlane perform extremely well when their starting points are considered. When the core subjects are combined, 100% of pupils met and exceeded expectations. GCSE pupils also outperformed their peers who took Entry Level/formal qualifications below the level of the GCSE.

Outcomes in the Foundation Subjects:

The foundation subjects continue to demonstrate outstanding progress. All subjects achieved 100% of pupils meeting expected outcomes, which is a highlight of this year’s outcomes.

Impact on Groups:

Generally, gaps in achievement were small between groups of pupils. Where gaps exist, they are closed swiftly.

  • Girls outperformed Boys in the core subjects.
  • Non-PP pupils achieved their expectations more commonly than their peers in receipt of PP.
  • The proportion of boys who exceed expectations in Maths.
  • Pupils on the MMH Pathway achieved extremely well, and far in advance of their peers.

Areas for Improvement/Interest:

  • Continue to drive improvements in Science to bring outcomes in line with the other core subjects.
  • Improve the achievement of pupils who take the Entry Level in English and Science.
  • Ensure the new Textile Media GCSE is completed by relevant pupils and achievement rises in DT.
  • Close the gap between Girls and Boys in core subjects. 
  • Monitor the achievement of pupils who receive PP in Science comparative to their peers.
  • Improve the way pupils who take vocational studies are planned for and assessed.

Woodlane also explores outcomes achieved through a comparison of DfE published data available through Analyse School Performance (formally Raise Online). For further analysis, please visit the Assessment - Comparison page.

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