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Woodlane High School

achieving success in a nurturing environment

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The Art and Design department aims to develop creative thinking and talent of all pupils by encouraging individual expression in a safe and supportive environment.

Pupils are encouraged to look at the world around them in a fair and open manner, and to expand these ideas through experimentation and critical thinking.  Pupils are given the opportunity to build upon existing skills and gain confidence in new and diverse subject areas.

The Art and Design department develops pupils' knowledge and understanding of both 2D and 3D media, whilst supporting links with careers assoicated with art and design. Through analysis and critical discussion, pupils will develop an appreciation of other cultures and societies around the world, to create an environment in which pupils can research and develop creative, academic, moral and holistic values.  In an environment that is open to opinion, culture, personal beliefs and different or contrasting interpretations.

It is our belief that creative learning should not only be informative and educational, but also challenging and exciting, inspiring all levels to try new experiences and take controlled and considered risks with their work.

Art Aims: 

  • Promote a sense of purpose, achievement and fulfilment in artistic expression.
  • Develop awareness of and respect for individual preferences and interests in style.
  • Promote the development for the capacity for imaginative and original thought.
  • Create an understanding of the contribution art makes to the visual environment.
  • To teach the skills necessary to develop an idea through to completion. 
  • To provide an environment where exploring, experimenting and discovering are the fundamental curiosities required to learn. 

Key Stage 3:

In Key Stage 3 pupils develop ways of communicating and expressing ideas through visual, verbal or tactile means.  Pupils learn formal elements and language such as line, tone, shape form, colour and texture when investigating and producing artwork.  The Key Stage 3 course enables pupils to understand that using structured logic and reasoning when drawing and making, pupils are able to identify how they can improve and move forward.  In studying a broad diversity of subject material and media, pupils are able to make connections with other areas, interests and disciplines.  

Key Stage 4:

Skills, knowledge and techniques learnt in Key Stage 3 is built and expanded upon with projects often taking a more experimental and adventurous edge. Pupils are mentored in a way which encourages an independent and personal dialogue with the work and there is further expansion on painting, printing, 3D model making and sculpture skills.  The department runs a full GCSE course, which is currently run through the Ed Excel exam board.  Pupils are required to build up a thorough and consistent body of work over the two years (coursework) which represents 60% of their final mark for the subject at the end of the course.  In the final term, pupils sit a controlled 10 hour exam, set by the exam board. This accounts for 40% of their final GCSE grade.