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Tender UK - Year 9 Project

Tender UK have been working with one of our Year 9 classes in the Spring Term to equip them with the skills they need to build healthy relationships.

The Tender sessions explored relationships and sensitive topics safely to enable the pupils to develop an understanding of how they can maintain positive relationships.

The Year 9 group have created these fantastic posters, which are all based around healthy and unhealthy relationships, boundaries, consent and healthy friendships. The pupils also created a role-play to show positive engagement with others. The pupils worked extremely hard in creating these posters, which were then passed on to a graphic designer, (provided by Tender UK) who brought their visions to life.

All the posters are displayed around the school and in classrooms to help pupils feel empowered around these topics. Tender UK also came to school to carry out a celebration assembly to show the whole school the amazing posters the group made along with a certificate handed to each pupil. 

A big thank you to the pupils for their handwork and Tender UK for providing this opportunity.