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Pupil Questionnaire 2023/24

We are delighted to share the most recent pupil questionnaire results.

95 pupils (86.3% of the school roll) responded to the recent Pupil Questionnaire and 1,140 overall responses were received. Some pupils completed a reduced and simplified version of the questionnaire to support access and therefore did not respond to some of the questions.

Summary of Views:

  • On average 96% of pupils agreed/strongly agreed with the statements (all set in the positive mode).
  • 96% of pupils believe Woodlane is a good school (4 pupils disagreed).
  • 97% of pupils believe they are taught well (3 pupils disagreed).
  • 97% of pupils believe teachers expect them to work hard and do their best (3 pupils disagreed).

Examples of comments made:

  • “Pupils are friendly and teachers are understanding”
  • “I like how the older years are nice to me.”
  • “I like the food in the school and it feels really healthy”
  • “It’s easy to settle in to”
  • “They help me to be the best I can be”

Please download and read the full survey below, including any actions stemming from pupil responses.