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2024 Parent Satisfaction Questionnaire

We are delighted to share the most recent parent satisfaction questionnaire.

The survey was produced in a digital format within Survey Monkey. It was shared at the January Parents’ Evening which took place both in person and online. The survey link was emailed to parents/carers twice and displayed in school via a QR code. The school office actively prompted parents/carers to complete the survey when attending the Parents’ Evening, as well as those who visited the school for other reasons. There were 17 responses during the 2-week period in which the survey was open.

Summary of parents/carers answers:

Across the survey, parents/carers provided extremely positive feedback to the school, with 100% of parents responding positively to 15 out of the 21 questions.

In the core survey, the highest scoring questions were:

  • The school encourages good attendance – 100% strongly agree.
  • The school site is safe – 100% agree, (94% strongly agree).
  • When I contact the school, the staff are helpful and approachable - 100% agree, (94% strongly agree).
  • My child benefits from the positive behaviour policy and enjoys getting merits - 100% agree, (94% strongly agree).

The lowest scoring question (disagree) was:

  • My child receives relevant and regular homework – 82% agree. 3 parents disagreed, but no one strongly disagreed.


Please download and read the full survey below.