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Pupil Questionnaire Results - February 2023

Every year we survey our pupils to gain their views on Woodlane High School and our practices.  The senior managers and governors are pleased with this year’s results, however, we are always aiming for 100% in every area!  Here is a summary of our February 2023 pupil responses:

  • On average 96% of pupils agreed/strongly agreed with the statements (all set in the positive mode).
  • 96% of pupils believe Woodlane is a good school (3 pupils disagreed).
  • 96% of pupils believe they are taught well (3 pupils disagreed). 
  • 99% of pupils believe teachers expect them to work hard and do their best (1 pupil disagreed).
  • 97% of pupils think their work is assessed helpfully so they can see how to improve it (2 pupils disagreed). 
  • 92% of pupils believe that pupils at Woodlane behave well (6 pupils disagreed).
  • 97% of pupils feel the school deals with any problems so they feel safe (2 pupils stated they do not feel safe – please note, when interviewed one pupil felt he is on the road to feeling safe and one stated he didn’t because of rude comments by other pupils, he gave examples which were at a low level but still important to the pupil e.g. a pupil telling him not to stare at them). 
  • 98% of pupils have an adult in school they can talk to if they have a problem (1 pupil felt they do not have someone they can talk to) – please note, when interviewed the pupil said there were no concerns they just prefer to talk to their mum).
  • 97% of pupils believe staff treat all pupils fairly and with respect (2 pupils disagreed).
  • 97% of pupils believe the school helps them to be independent (2 pupils disagreed).
  • 98% of pupils believe the school is interested in their views (1 pupil disagreed).
  • 87% of pupils think worthwhile homework is set regularly (8 pupils disagreed) – please note, when interviewed responses were all around the amount of homework, some wanted more, some wanted less, some didn’t want any, one pupil stated they wanted harder homework.
  • 100% of pupils believe the school is well run. 

Please download the following below:

  • The statistical summary.
  • Pupil assembly.