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Reopening Planning and Half-Term Information

Information about the proposed return to school and half-term details.

12th February 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

Re: Reopening Planning/Half Term

Another half term has finished, and this one threw us many challenges. It wasn’t the half term we hoped or planned for, but we have still been able to find enjoyment and success in many areas. Please view the school website to see some of the happy moments that have come out of the last few weeks:

We appreciate the significant hard work and effort of all parents supporting with home-schooling, and want to praise all pupils for completing work and attending so many live sessions during the term. We hope the personalised calls, packages of work, technology provided and content shared during this time has been helpful to all families.


Return to School:

We are working hard to bring all pupils back to school full time, both swiftly and safely. We are still waiting on news from the Government, (which is expected by the 22nd February) to confirm if pupils can return on the 8th March. While we await this information, we wanted to share with you our planning. We are working towards Option A below, but continue to have Option B and C in mind.

Option A: The best-case scenario is that Government announce some easing of restrictions and schools can reopen from 8th March. This will allow us to do the following:

  • All staff return on 8th March.
  • Mass testing of the whole school on return (with consent).
  • Pupils phase return from this date. KS3 will return in the first week (8th March), and KS4 will rejoin school the following week (15th March).
  • Pupils are taught the full timetable through a combination of Live Learning (remotely by teachers from classrooms) and face to face for those in the building.

Option B: There is a chance that restrictions remain in place and the Government announcement delays a full return for schools. We hope that under this system, school would have some flexibility to increase our remote provision. This would lead to:

  • Most staff return on 8th March, with the full curriculum, (as usually timetabled) in operation.
  • The majority of pupils continue to work from home with only the most vulnerable (20-30%) in school.
  • Staff deliver lessons exclusively remotely.
  • Vulnerable pupil provision increases to a full day on site.

Option C: It is possible that a full lockdown continues and the Government announcement requires all schools to remain in a closure/contingency phase. In this eventuality:

  • Current contingency plan remains in place.
  • Only limited numbers of staff and vulnerable pupils attend school (20-30%).
  • The current remote curriculum remains in place.

As I am sure is clear, we have to wait for guidance from Government, but if given the green light we will be welcoming pupils back on the 8th March. A phased return is the only feasible way for us to manage this return but this is being kept as short as possible.

Regardless of the above, vulnerable pupils/critical workers will still be attending on site each day.


Half-term Break:

During the half-term break, school will be closed. Senior managers will be available primarily by email, with the email address the most appropriate way to contact the school. Pupils and staff should take a well-earned break and come back refreshed.

After the break, Live Learning will resume on Monday 22nd February. Timetables will be added to Firefly but links will be disabled during the break as a safeguarding measure. As detailed above, we expect the current timetable for Live Learning to continue for at least the first 2 weeks after our return. The timetable will continue to be accessible through Firefly.

Pupils who wish to complete work during the half-term break can continue to access any tasks on Firefly. KS4 pupils in particular may wish to access revision materials provided by their teachers, or may look to the BBC Bitesize website: for other materials.


I wish all families a happy, relaxing and safe half-term break and look forward to the prospect of pupils returning in just a few weeks.


Yours Sincerely,

Tim Heapy
Interim Headteacher