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Woodlane High School

achieving success in a nurturing environment

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Training by Woodlane

Woodlane High School is a successful purpose built special school dedicated in supporting pupil’s attainment, learning and independence through a range of strategies according to pupils’ needs.  The vast majority of our pupils have speech, language or communication difficulties, Autism and associated social and emotional difficulties.

Year 7 pupils follow mainly a primary model and a secondary model from Year 8-11, where pupils attend lessons with subject specialists. This helps inform our staff of the different support required in primary and secondary schools, enabling us to have a unique insight into understanding pupils’ needs in a primary and secondary setting.  Woodlane is one of the only special school within the local area to support pupils with a wide range of special educational needs in one specialist school; offering a range of GCSEs, BTECS and Entry Levels.

Our expertise has enabled some of our pupils to successfully transition into mainstream placements, by developing pupils’ independence, social and emotional needs and academic progress.

With many years of experience developing and implementing strategies to support SEN pupils, we would like to share our expertise.  We have designed a range of training courses to provide educational professionals, practical strategies to support and develop SEN pupils in their education.

We are also able to design and deliver bespoke training, please contact us for further details.