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The MMH Transition Period

Woodlane operated a Medical Needs Unit for a number of years which provided a supportive and nurturing base for pupils unable to attend mainstream education. This initially short-term provision resulted in pupils staying in the provision longer term and a transition to a new model was required. This has ensured that outstanding curriculum, support and facilities are available for pupils attending long-term education.

As part of the new model, pupils with mental health needs are being integrating into the main school. For those pupils who previously attended the unit, the school are using parts of the old model in order to sensitively integrate to a new way of working.

Recognising pupil and parent voice regarding this integration, a period of transition was agreed under the following:

  • The physical unit will be used as a part of transition planning for two terms (Autumn and Spring), with the aim of engaging the learners and transitioning them to the main school as soon as they are ready.
  • The physical unit will be accessible by pupils each morning before school or prior to their personalised start times (e.g. from 8.30) to support a smooth start to the school day. We would aim, in partnership with the pupils, to progress towards a pre-school meeting point downstairs within the timeframe.
  • The physical unit will be accessible at break and lunchtimes, with a view to moving pupils to an alternative room, within the main school, during the Autumn Term 2020. Pupils will also be able to access a separate room for break and lunch throughout the academic year – located within the main school.
  • Some timetabled lessons will take place within the physical unit during the Autumn Term 2020. These will be staffed either by the Lead Practitioner (who will teach a high proportion of these lessons, under the guidance of our subject specialists, in the Autumn Term 2020), or by teachers who have been teaching the pupils during the last academic year from the main school (who will teach their specialist subjects). The aspiration is for pupils to attend the majority of lessons within the main school as soon as possible through a personalised approach.
  •  Timetabled therapy sessions/counselling with the Lead Practitioner or external support agencies will take place within the physical unit during this 6-month timeframe.

The school continues to regularly meet and discuss these changes with parents in order to ensure the transition period is being run as supportively as possible.