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Referral Process

The majority of medical referrals received have been relating to young people suffering from specific mental health problems – these include pupils suffering from self-harm/suicidal behaviour and emotional disorders such as, severe depression, extreme anxiety and panic attacks. However, young people suffering from some physical conditions which are unmanageable in a mainstream setting may also be referred. 

Schools make the referral to the MNC. To do this, the Designated Teacher in the pupil’s school must complete a referral form. This must be accompanied by a Consultant’s letter which clearly outlines the medical condition of the pupil.

The MNC will liaise with the school and other agencies to collate further information. Once all necessary information has been gathered, it is then forwarded to the SNAPT panel (Special Needs Assessment and Provision Team) via the Individual Progress Service. The referral is then placed as an agenda item on the next available panel meeting and a decision about the appropriate support is made.

On receiving the outcome from the Panel, the MNC commences the process of liaison with the parent, the MNU Lead Teacher and other appropriate professionals to ensure that a smooth transition is made into the MNU.