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Woodlane High School

achieving success in a nurturing environment

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Do you have a question about Woodlane? If so please write it below, it may benefit other pupils joining the school. Answers may come from pupils or staff.

  • mo 8 months ago
    is the time of school ends change? i need to talk to miss Maynard
  • denzel 1 year ago
    Hello guys i manage find a part time job at Nazareth house
  • denzel 1 year ago
    hello people it been a while since i visited Woodlane high school i manage to find a job part time at Nazareth house Hammersmith if possible i could come back and tell you all about From Denzel
  • Raf 1 year ago
    Miss Maynard less home work can't keep up
  • Miss Maynard 3 years ago
    Dear Marvin. Thank you for your questions. When you are in Year 11 you will attend college once a week, you will be expected to work hard, however, you will be given support from Woodlane staff. We currently give a £10.00 One4all voucher to any pupil who achieves outstanding attendance each term. Talk to your tutor about the bowling trip. I hope this helps.
  • Marvin 3 years ago
    When we go to collage can we study lots of work?
  • Marvin 3 years ago
    Are we having bowling on Wednesday?
  • Marvin 3 years ago
    When I got 100 attendance Do we have a good prize?
  • Marvin 3 years ago
    When we are year 11 do we got to the collage?

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