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Post-16 and Preparation for Adulthood

All pupils attending Woodlane benefit from a high level of support regarding Post-16 provision and preparation for adulthood. Those pupils who join the school on a longer-term MMH placement receive enhanced support.

All pupils have a dedicated member of staff to help inform their decision-making process in regards to further education. Parents/carers and pupils can expect to be regularly informed about transition information through our Post 16 ‘Next Steps’ evenings and through a thorough support program that ensures families have a clear understanding of the process and time frames for transition to further education and training. Woodlane works in partnership with parents and other partners to find an appropriate placement for Post 16.

Pupils will benefit from a variety of programmes on offer at Woodlane to develop each pupil’s resilience, increase their ability to engage in Post 16 qualifications and ensure they are well-prepared for adulthood. These include:

  • Woodlane’s college link program- a stepping stone to a new environment where pupils will spend one day a week participating in lessons at college.
  • Work experience job placements in Year 11.
  • Opportunities for pupils to develop their coaching and mentoring through our physical education BTEC qualification.
  • Pupil visits to their named college prior to attending and thorough transition planning.
  • Woodlane staff developing communication profiles with all pupils in order for them to explain their strengths and needs to their named college.
  • Woodlane staff visiting pupils at college to make sure they have settled in well. As well as maintaining appropriate contact with families as and when needed.

See the Post-16 section of the website for more information: