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MMH Approach

Pupils who come to Woodlane for additional support for their mental health needs, alongside their education, will receive a person centered and individualised pathway of support. Pupils attending will be integrated into our classrooms as a means of respite from the demands of mainstream education. Pupils will have regular formalised meetings and daily check-ins with our Medical and Mental Health Lead Practitioner and our HLTAs.

Woodlane has a whole school positive mental health ethos with a culture of support and acceptance. We aim to support pupils understand their own strengths and needs while developing their resilience and ability to access their education. All pupils will have extensive mental health support but will still be expected to follow Woodlane school values and curriculum.

See the school values section:

See the curriculum section:

We strongly believe in utilising a multi-agency approach to mental health. We will aim to engage all necessary support services like CAMHS, Respond and our trained ELSAs to engage pupils with positive platforms of support. We foster strong relationships with parents and carers in order to provide a unified approach to pupil support. We expect parents and carers to work with the school to develop an individualised support program for their child.

Some of the support that can be offered includes:

  • Social Thinking program
  • ELSA support for pupils
  • 1:1 communication breakdown support
  • Dog-therapy walks
  • Baseline assessments have highlighted gaps in learning to focus on
  • Individualised curriculum
  • Individualised transition/integration plans
  • Regular weekly/daily contact with parents
  • EHCP referrals
  • Mid-term reports to parents on progress and attendance
  • EP visits- explanation of EP’s in the classroom
  • HLTA support in lessons
  • Regular chats/meetings with pupils
  • Home visits

Individualised tasks/activities to engage pupils back into education