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MMH Admission Pathways

Pupils attending Woodlane as part of our mental health provision will follow either of the two pathways below:

  1. A shorter re-integration with school/learning, of up to 6 months with a return to the previous school/another provision as part of the agreement. Mental Health and attendance would be the primary needs for this child. A wide package of mental health support and a bespoke transition plan would be in place. This is primarily for pupils who should be accessing a full GCSE programme, which is better met in a mainstream provision. We would aim to complete this re-integration prior to starting Year 10.
  2. A longer-term placement where a pupil will remain with Woodlane (but receive enhanced mental health support) and follow the school’s academic pathway, including a range of qualifications (GCSE/BTEC/Entry Level). The intention would be to prepare the pupil for the next step in their learning (Post-16), develop their independence/resilience and obtain suitable qualifications that meet their next step requirements. If a pupil is unlikely/unable to attend school at all, this provision would not be suitable as all of the learning and support is integrated within the school.

Where we are required to provide some home-learning support for pupils currently on roll this takes place through our own internal systems/staff. It is designed to facilitate short-term home working (as per our legal duty), with a return to school as soon as possible. This is not as an alternative to in-school education.

The school’s standard admissions policy still applies. See:

In addition, for a pupil to attend Woodlane under either model:

  • The child must have an appointed social worker/Early Help worker to provide a link to essential social care support. This should already be in place if there are concerns around the child’s welfare and/or they have been absent from school for a significant period of time.
  • As part of admission to Woodlane the school will begin a request for an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). For pupils on the Short-term pathway, this may be considered unnecessary.