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Accessibility Settings


As referrals to the MNU are made throughout the school year, we need to have some flexibility in our structure as pupils join us as any point during Key Stage 4. They have often missed considerable amounts of schooling. For this reason we plan to deliver the GCSE English, English Literature, Maths and Science courses in one year and limit the examination subjects to these core subjects.  We also offer Entry Level and Foundation courses to less able students or late arrivals. Those pupils with an additional foreign language are also able to be entered for a GCSE in that language.

Due to the varied age range, abilities, amount of missed schooling and medical conditions all planning and teaching needs to be differentiated.

In addition to the core subjects, we encourage all pupils to explore and develop their skills in Art as we believe it can be very therapeutic. We have recently broadened the curriculum to include French and Humanities. Regular opportunities are also given for teaching and training in life skills, communication and individual project work. We put a huge emphasis on building confidence and incorporate this throughout the whole of the curriculum. We find PE and PSCHE excellent outlets to encourage this growth.

Trips offsite are another important aspect of our yearly plan – again giving valuable opportunities to experience a bigger world and grow in resilience in new situations. Our aim is to build confidence and help our pupils manage their anxiety to the point where they can cope with life as independent young people when they move on at 16.