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Woodlane High School

achieving success in a nurturing environment

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School News

September 2018

  • Parent Questionnaire Results - July 2018

    Published 12/09/18

    A huge thank you to all those parents/carers who completed the parent questionnaire.  Please download the full analysis below.    


    Summary of parents/carers who answered each question:

    • An average of 97% agreed/strongly agreed with the questions, 1 parent consistently disagreed.
    • 100% believe the school site is safe. 
    • 98% would recommend Woodlane to a parent of a child with special educational needs (1 parent disagreed).  83% strongly agree.
    • 98% believe Woodlane is an excellent school (1 parent disagreed).
    • 95% believe we provide a relevant curriculum for their child (2 parents disagreed).
    • 100% agree that Woodlane has a calm and positive atmosphere.
    • 100% believe their child enjoys the activities organised at break and lunch times.
    • 100% believe the annual parents’ evening is helpful, proving them with useful information about their child’s progress.
    • 100% believe their child was helped to settle in well when he/she first started at the school.
    • 87% believe that Woodlane provides a healthy and mixed menu for school dinners.  This is our lowest scoring question.
    • 88% of parents feel we provide relevant and regular homework.  12% disagree (5 parents).
    • 98% agree that when they contact the school staff are helpful and approachable (1 parent disagreed).  91% strongly agree.
    • 100% believe Woodlane helps prepare pupils for an independent life.
    • 95% are aware that the school has a Governing Body, which has overall responsibility for the school (2 parents disagreed).



    • Deputy to jointly facilitate, with Eden, a parent reference group on school lunches.
    • Deputy to jointly facilitate, with Eden, a pupil conference on school lunches.  
    • Deputy to ensure homework is posted weekly for all subjects on the school website.
    • Continue to invite governors to school events to meet parents. 
    • Explore further the dissatisfaction of 1 parent, who consistently disagreed.
    • Explore and if appropriate increase challenge for child, whose parent disagreed with the school providing a relevant curriculum. 
    • Upload questionnaire results to school website, send newsfeed summary of results.
    • Advise parents that ‘Curriculum Maps’ are available on the school website, which can be found under each subject’s curriculum area.  
    • Explore ‘creative maths’ opportunities. 
    • Reflect statistics in school self-evaluation/ include relevant targets and action in school improvement plan.
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  • Fundraising Walk

    Published 07/09/18

    Woodlane pupils walked a combined 385 miles to raise money for the new school playground.

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