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Woodlane High School

achieving success in a nurturing environment

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Pupil Questionnaire Feedback 

Pupils have recently participated in our annual pupil questionnaire.  The questionnaire gives pupils the opportunity to share their views on the quality of education they receive at Woodlane.  Please see the summary below:

  • On average 98% of pupils agreed/strongly agreed with the statements (all set in the positive mode).  This has increased from 95% last academic year.
  • On average 65% of pupils strongly agreed with the statements.  This has increased from 50% last academic year.   
  • 100% of pupils believe Woodlane is a good school.
  • 100% of pupils believe they are taught well. 
  • 100% of pupils believe teachers expect them to work hard and do their best.
  • 99% of pupils think their work is assessed helpfully so they can see how to improve it.
  • 94% of pupils believe that pupils at Woodlane behave well.  This has improved from 88% last academic year.
  • 97% of pupils feel the school deals with any problems so they feel safe.  2 pupils stated they do not feel safe – please note when interviewed one pupil does not feel safe due to being scared of old friends (who do not attend Woodlane) and lots of traffic.
  • 99% of pupils have an adult in school they can talk to if they have a problem.  1 pupil feels they do not have someone they can talk to.
  • 97% of pupils believe staff treat all pupils fairly and with respect.
  • 97% of pupils believe the school helps them to be independent.
  • 100% of pupils believe the school is interested in their views.
  • 88% of pupils think worthwhile homework is set regularly.  This has decreased from 91% last academic year.  This is our lowest scoring question. 
  • 100% of pupils believe the school is well run.

Please download the Pupil Questionnaire 2017/2018 Statistical Summary (January 2018) below.