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Woodlane High School

achieving success in a nurturing environment

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Year 11 Study Skills

Woodlane staff have prepared support packs to aid Year 11 pupils in their preparation for their final year at secondary school.

We hope the information included will support pupils and offer advice for parents/carers to help all pupils feel better prepared and be more successful during their GCSE and Entry Level examinations. Some exam stress is common, but by working together, much of this can be managed through good preparation.

We advise all pupil and their parents/carers to view both the subject specific support pack, (downloadable from the Year 11 Support section) and the Study Guide document (downloadable below), and start revising as early as possible. This will eliminate some stress, anxiety, panic and improve grades. How well each pupil achieves will depend on how much effort is put into classwork, controlled assessments and preparation for exams.

Download the Study Skills document below, created by Miss Jelen.