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Parent Reference Group - Assessment

On Tuesday 5th December Woodlane hosted our first Parent Reference Group on Assessment.

Tuesday's event was very successful with 30+ parents and carers in attendance.

There was the opportunity to explore school data and learn more about school assessment systems. Parents were talked through Baselining, the Flight Path and School/National expectations of progress and outcomes. They also looked at their pupil's Achievement Book to gain a greater understanding on the quality of work being produced, and which level their pupil is working at. Parents also attempted the English and Maths standardised testing that the school uses to measure progress.

Prior to the event, 75% of parents surveyed did not know what the school's Flight Path was. Following the parent reference group, 81% of parents stated this was very clear.

Excellent questions were asked relating to the new GCSEs, and the kind of qualifications Woodlane pupil's would be expected to achieve. Parents also agreed that receiving additional information of this type would be highly beneficial. Woodlane will explore various options, including hosting a Progress Day in the Spring Term and will ensure progress information is shared by letter/email/on the website as often as possible. 83% of parents now know what information is available on the school website and 88% could identify where they would go for additional information on assessment. Following feedback, Woodlane will share the Flight Paths showing individualised progress with parents/carers as part of our end of term reporting.

Parents were also given the opportunity to find out how the school was performing overall, and how this compared to other schools. This part of the evening was particularly successful, with 94% of parents able to identify how the school was performing by the end of the meeting.

If any parents were unable to attend, or wish to know more, please visit the school's Data Dashboard where all the information, and an example of the presentation are provided.

Thank you again to all those who were able to attend.