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achieving success in a nurturing environment

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  • Staff Questionnaire Results

    Published 16/11/18

    Every year we survey our staff to gain their views on Woodlane High School and our practices.  The senior managers and governors are particularly pleased with this year’s results. Here is a summary of our 2018 staff responses:

    • 100% state they are proud to be a member of staff at this school.
    • 100% state the children are safe at this school.
    • 100% state behaviour is good in this school.
    • 100% state the behaviour of pupils is consistently well managed.
    • 100% state the school deals with any cases of bullying effectively (bullying includes persistent name-calling, cyber, racist and homophobic bullying).
    • 100% state the communication is effective within the school.
    • 100% state the school makes appropriate provision for their professional development.
    • 100% state the school successfully meets the differing needs of individual pupils.
    • 100% state they know what we are trying to achieve as a school.
    • 100% state all staff consistently apply school policies.
    • 100% state leaders do all they can to improve teaching and learning.
    • 100% state that they are aware of the school’s procedures relating to child protection. 
    • 100% state they feel their contribution to the school is valued by the senior managers.
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  • Parent Questionnaire Results

    Published 12/09/18

    A huge thank you to all those parents/carers who completed the parent questionnaire.  Please download the full analysis below.    


    Summary of parents/carers who answered each question:

    • An average of 97% agreed/strongly agreed with the questions, 1 parent consistently disagreed.
    • 100% believe the school site is safe. 
    • 98% would recommend Woodlane to a parent of a child with special educational needs (1 parent disagreed).  83% strongly agree.
    • 98% believe Woodlane is an excellent school (1 parent disagreed).
    • 95% believe we provide a relevant curriculum for their child (2 parents disagreed).
    • 100% agree that Woodlane has a calm and positive atmosphere.
    • 100% believe their child enjoys the activities organised at break and lunch times.
    • 100% believe the annual parents’ evening is helpful, proving them with useful information about their child’s progress.
    • 100% believe their child was helped to settle in well when he/she first started at the school.
    • 87% believe that Woodlane provides a healthy and mixed menu for school dinners.  This is our lowest scoring question.
    • 88% of parents feel we provide relevant and regular homework.  12% disagree (5 parents).
    • 98% agree that when they contact the school staff are helpful and approachable (1 parent disagreed).  91% strongly agree.
    • 100% believe Woodlane helps prepare pupils for an independent life.
    • 95% are aware that the school has a Governing Body, which has overall responsibility for the school (2 parents disagreed).



    • Deputy to jointly facilitate, with Eden, a parent reference group on school lunches.
    • Deputy to jointly facilitate, with Eden, a pupil conference on school lunches.  
    • Deputy to ensure homework is posted weekly for all subjects on the school website.
    • Continue to invite governors to school events to meet parents. 
    • Explore further the dissatisfaction of 1 parent, who consistently disagreed.
    • Explore and if appropriate increase challenge for child, whose parent disagreed with the school providing a relevant curriculum. 
    • Upload questionnaire results to school website, send newsfeed summary of results.
    • Advise parents that ‘Curriculum Maps’ are available on the school website, which can be found under each subject’s curriculum area.  
    • Explore ‘creative maths’ opportunities. 
    • Reflect statistics in school self-evaluation/ include relevant targets and action in school improvement plan.
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  • Fundraising Walk

    Published 07/09/18

    Woodlane pupils walked a combined 385 miles to raise money for the new school playground.

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  • New Playground

    Published 17/07/18

    We╩╝re raising £20,000 to help fund our new playground!

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