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Woodlane High School

achieving success in a nurturing environment

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Welcome to the pupil pages of the website.  To find out more information, remind yourself of this week’s homework or view which clubs are on, click the links to the left. 

You also have the opportunity to comment on blog entries.  Should you wish to start your own blog please discuss it with Miss Maynard providing a title and description for your entry.

What do you think of the new website?  Please let us know below.

  • SpongebobSquarepants 5 months ago
    Can you put the new summer letter on the website because my one has broke
  • dep of education 8 months ago
    Your way of explaining all in this piece of writing is actually pleasant, every one be capable of simply understand it, Thanks a lot.
  • Amanpreet 10 months ago
    Hi Miss Maynard i always wanted to say that your the best and my favourite headteacher and thanks for everything you done you very nice and the best i really like your conversations they are very interesting and funny. I really hope i can have more converstions with u and keep up the good job
  • Amanpreet 1 year ago
    Please miss maynard I was wondering if we can have a non school uniform day in on Tuesday 20th of December and if we wear non school uniform we have to donate at least £2
  • damiend 1 year ago
    I like Woodlane High school because i like History, they talk about the battle of Hastings, knights and Vikings. I love Film club because the movies are very good. I enjoy cooking because I can make pizza and much more. My class 7KR are very helpful.
  • tomr 1 year ago
    I love Woodlane high school because the people are nice in every class, there is 2 TA's and 1 teacher. The school is helpful and helps me with my needs. My favourite lessons are PE, math's, science and RE. I like play time but it should be longer.
  • Amanpreet 1 year ago
    Thank you miss maynard and Mr heapy and mr Morgan for helping out this year I appreciate it. I would like to say I am going to try not to get any office reffreals this year and also I would like to thank all the teachers in the school that do there hard work. Also again thank you for there for me. You truly are the best head teacher miss maynard. So are you Mr Morgan and Mr heapy.
  • Jonty 1 year ago
    Woodlane high school now officially has the best website ever. Thank you so much for adding the transition video to the website. The website itself is just so well presented, I personally couldn't ask for a better website. I look forward to seeing other things you add to it in the future especially if they are mostly videos have you spotted the hint as many videos as possible ha thank you
  • Jonty 1 year ago
    I really like the new website layout it is very vibrant and colourful but I would love it even more if there were some videos on there
  • Amanpreet 1 year ago
    Can you put the video on the website of the transition video thank you
  • leah 1 year ago
    hey i love this updated website its better than the old one
  • Emilie 1 year ago
    This school is good and friendly I like going on the computers and meeting new friends. The school web site is better than the old one. The TA's help me a lot when I work. My favourite subjects are Art and Drama and computing.
  • mohammed 1 year ago
    When I started I was worried because I thought that people wont help me and I would not have any friends and now I feel happy.
  • mahin 1 year ago
    Wood lane high school is the best because they have being helping me and it is working. i have made a big improvement in my behaviour and thanks to Miss Maynard for being there for me.
  • Diwan 1 year ago
    I really like the school because its not frightening and because there's clubs e.g.. film club and dance club, I hope you enjoy it too!
  • Amanpreet 1 year ago
    I really like this school also there was one of the teachers that helped me in year 7 his name is Mr Morgan. when I came to this school he helped me settle in and thank you Mr Morgan and also miss Maynard. Thank you miss Maynard and Mr Morgan for everything you done for me in year 7 and this year so far. Also Mr morgan I was lucky to have you as my teacher and pe teacher in year 7. good luck with the job you do now and miss Maynard good luck with head teacher job because it is very hard and stressful.
  • Caleb 1 year ago
    I am very happy about woodlane it makes me very happy and I feel confident . also I like the new website.
  • Arvindh 1 year ago
    Its really good like this website its very good Miss Maynard i feel like visting this webiste
  • Abigail 1 year ago
    I really like the new website layout, it's very organised and colourful. Very easy to use. It was worth the wait.
  • Siamak 1 year ago
    This new update for the school website very professional and very useful. The one thing I like is, it is really easy to use.
  • 流子 花 1 year ago
    I really like the new website design! (>‿◠)✌ I did like the previous one, too, but this one seems neat and attractive. :) Mobile compatibility is also a plus. ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ
  • elliot 1 year ago
    this is a very good school
  • Denny 1 year ago
    The school website has improved a lot since the last one, it is more pupil friendly and organized. I find it more professional and presentable, I would be proud to show further applicants for this school this website and confident with all the layout. It is not difficult to understand, well done to the designer and the senior team for coming up with an amazing presentable website for Woodlane High School.
  • jareth- 1 year ago
    the school is awesome at keeping people safe
  • Toby 1 year ago
    Hello there I do kind-da wish there was a button to switch to the old one ;3 (like back and forth) but cool website anyway ;)
  • Louise 1 year ago
    I Really Like the new Website because they have done a very good job on it I hope someday they will be a pictures of me on the new school Website in the future
  • Matin 1 year ago
    Hi Woodlane, this website looks excellent! I feel like visiting this website more often now just to see what is going on within my Former school. Take care!! Matin. :)
  • Alex 1 year ago
    to miss Maynard I really like the new school website and I think it is really good .
  • ilyas 1 year ago
    This is a great school website, much better than the old one. well done to all the staff who has achieved to do this thing especially Miss Maynard.
  • Sundus 1 year ago
    I really enjoyed this school very much because there's lots of fun at wood lane .
  • mahin 1 year ago
    This school really helps me in my learning and I want to come here more often

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