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Woodlane High School

achieving success in a nurturing environment

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Pupil Questionnaire

Pupil Questionnaire 2016/2017 - Results

We recently gained the views of our pupils through our annual pupil questionnaire.  The full analysis can be found below, however here is a quick summary:

  • On average 95% of pupils agreed/strongly agreed with the statements (all set in the positive mode).  This has increased from 94% last academic year.   
  • 93% of pupils believe Woodlane is a good school.
  • 100% of pupils believe they are taught well.  This has increased from 99% last academic year.
  • 96% of pupils believe teachers expect them to work hard and do their best.
  • 94% of pupils think their work is assessed helpfully so they can see how to improve it.
  • 88% of pupils believe that pupils at Woodlane behave well.  This is our lowest scoring question. 
  • 97% of pupils feel the school deals with any problems so they feel safe.  2 pupils stated they do not feel safe.
  • 99% of pupils have an adult in school they can talk to if they have a problem.  1 pupil feels they do not have someone they can talk to.
  • 93% of pupils believe staff treat all pupils fairly and with respect.
  • 94% of pupils believe the school helps them to be independent.
  • 96% of pupils believe the school is interested in their views.
  • 91% of pupils think worthwhile homework is set regularly.  This has increased from 83% last academic year.
  • 96% of pupils believe the school is well run.