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Camp Trip 2017

Year 9 pupils went camping to Blackland Farm.

Every year, Woodlane takes Year 9 pupils on a 3 day, 2 night trip to Blackland Farm, a girl guide site near East Grinstead.

This year was particularly special as every pupil decided to attend! Behaviour was exceptionally good and all pupils should be proud of their efforts over the 3 days,

Pupils took part in activities such as Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Perch and Zip Wire, which most had never attempted before. They also had the chance to gain independence and life skills by setting up their own tents, learning to work as a team, and cooking their own dinner/cleaning up.

Pupils said:

"I'm going to sleep in my sleeping bag tonight to recreate the feeling of camp!"

"Why can't we make it a whole week!"

We hope next year's Year 9 pupils are looking forward to their turn in 2018!